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  • What is The Ski Passport?
    The Ski Passport is a tiny thing that packs big memories. It is a guide and journal that captures your amazing ski vacations by collecting well-earned stickers. The website is a fantastic resource to find ski resorts and plan bucket lists. You can buy our branded sticker sets by Region or Pass to be used with The Ski Passport.
  • How do I return The Ski Passport?
    We want you as pleased as first runs on a Powder day with The Ski Passport, so by all means, let our Humans Team know it’s not a fit at: Our return policy is the following: 1) Notify our Humans Team within 30 days of purchase via email and we will provide instructions on how to return the product. 2) The Ski Passport will refund 100% of your purchase price minus shipping costs with proof of receipt. If you do not have a receipt, The Ski Passport will offer a return at the lowest sale price of the season minus shipping. 3) If the product is damaged please specify in your email and The Ski Passport will send a replacement free of charge. 4) Please be kind & patient, we are a small business, trying to do something amazing. Promise we are doing our best for you!
  • How long will it take to receive my Passport?
    The Ski Passport is lovingly produced by a small business in the good ole’ Midwest. It should get there in 5-7 business days.
  • Does The Ski Passport provide me with any discounts on mountain?
    We wish! We don’t have those type of collaborations set up yet but would be great in the future.
  • Does The Ski Passport get me into other countries?
    No silly, it’s not that kind of passport. The Ski Passport is for keeping track of your amazing ski days by collecting stickers and notes - all in one booklet. The website is a fantastic resource to find new ski resorts and dream big dreams about future ski trips.
  • Are all US Ski Resorts in the Ski Passport?
    In a word, no. There are around 505 ski hills to mountain resorts in the US. This number fluctuates from year to year. The Ski Passport journal lists about 63% in the physical book and the rest will eventually be linked under Regions so you can explore, educate and dream of more days on mountain. We highly encourage you to track all ski resorts in your Ski Passport by adding in your own stickers when you visit mountains that aren’t currently included.
  • Does The Ski Passport have International destinations?
    Again, we wish! That is the next phase for our business and we are already psyched for the adventures to come our way when it happens.
  • Is The Ski Passport sold in any retail locations?
    The Ski Passport products are sold on our website as well as retail stores.
  • What’s your favorite mountain?
    That’s like picking your favorite kid, you really aren’t supposed to but…Steamboat's back bowl makes us very happy. Also Copper Mountain moguls, also Deer Valley apres….and those trees at Brighton….
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