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The Little Book That Captures Your Mountain 

The Ski Passport journal and guide allows you to capture your mountain adventures by collecting stickers and notes from each destination you visit, all in one place.  Aspire to visit every resort listed, plan trips, create bucket lists or start a book to pass on to the next generation of shredders. Now Find your Adventure….

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New Arrivals

We all do it….try to encapsulate our epic days on the mountains in meaningful ways.  Some collect beanies,  some pins or patches.  The Ski Passport allows you to capture it all in one place- resort stickers and trip notes in a book with all your favorite destinations visited.  Buy it as a gift for your kids, a friend trip, a stocking stuffer...

The Ski Passport is a directory of resorts, so hit up everything within driving distance to you or all New England has to offer.  Set new goals…. then change them.  This site has links to more resorts than a Winter season can handle, so use it as a guide to help you Dream Big!  No matter what, the memories are yours to keep.  Now Find Your Adventure.

The Ski Passport Goods
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