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From the Founder


The idea for The Ski Passport was born from the pandemic.


With no traditional schedule for work & school, my Midwest family seized an opportunity to pack it up, live differently and head to the mountains. There we found the National Parks Passport- a little book that educated us on all of our country’s dreamy wild spaces and pushed us to spend more time there.  With each visit, we got a stamp to capture the memory- it sparked something deep within us.  And so as a passionate skier, I thought why not do this with our nation’s ski resorts?


The Ski Passport will digitally profile all working ski resorts across the United States and include as many as possible in the physical book.  The goal is to find beauty right where you are and in our bodies that carry us on these journeys.  So whether you are crushing POW in the Rockies or hitting the tow rope in Wisco, the day and the memories are uniquely yours.  


I hope that you chase joy along the way, now Find your Adventure!  


Kelly Roche

Founder, The Ski Passport

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